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We provide quality, flexibility and continuity of your production processes.

In 2007, Paul Kuijpers and Michel Ketelaars decided to establish a groundbreaking new style of wholesale. With more than twenty five years of experience in technical wholesale and a wealth of contacts behind them, our founders created a style of wholesale that provides quality, flexibility and continuity of your production processes.


We aim to help you in achieving your goals by aiding you with our knowledge, care and products. It is this personal and distinctive approach that has contributed to our continued growth in both The Netherlands and Ghana.

Paul Kuijpers
Business owner of ELT Veghel Bv & ELT Technical Sourcing Ltd
Michel Ketelaars
Business owner of ELT Veghel Bv & ELT Technical Sourcing Ltd


ELT Technical Sourcing is one of the largest technical wholesalers in Ghana. With more than two million components from over 700 suppliers, we have customers in a wide variety of sectors; housing, utility, construction, industry and mining. ELT is your partner for the delivery of all your installation materials in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering.


More specifically, we focus on industry and Mining MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Overhaul) &OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).


We concentrate on;

  • Cost Reduction (Less Shipment, Less Invoice)
  • Sourcing Service
  • Logistics and Stockholding


As well as this, we have taken part in extensive collaborations with both international and local manufacturers and suppliers and we intend to continually improve and be at the forefront of sourcing service.


Our main focus are on customer care, continuity and quality of service form the basis of your  business operations. Every day we do our utmost best to make it as easy as possible for our customers. The emphasis is on:

  • Ease of choice: We believe it is important that you can make the right product choice quickly and easily.
  • Ease of ordering: You can order from us how and when you want. In most cases, you will receive the ordered items the next working day. You can also add information to the order so that project administration or order management becomes easier.
  • Ease of delivery: It is important that you can rely on correct deliveries that are delivered on time. You can pick up your materials at our warehouse (Veghel or Tema) or have them delivered on location.
  • Ease of administration: You want to spend as little time as possible on your project administration. You think it is important that materials and hours are allocated correctly and that invoices are correct. We help you with this.


We are committed to implement and take good measures to control impact especially on the environment the company will take every necessary steps to maintain and implement a system that will manage the environment through all operations.

In support if this policy the company will implement the following policies as the basis for developing a strategic safety program:


  1. Comply with all relevant laws, legislative requirements, environmental Acts and Standards.
  2. Promote environmental awareness by means of providing training for employees
  3. Provide information on potential exposures that may affect environment
  4. Communicate environmental issues with employees and the community.


Monitoring the company compliance with this policy through harmonious inspection.


Our ambition is to grow and become the largest Supplier of mechanical and electrical components in West Africa. In doing so, we are confident we will be able to supply you with cost-effective, world-class products  for most of your needs.

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